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Angular 9. has arrived as a production release, as of February 6, 2020. The up grade to the well-liked TypeScript-based mostly framework switches applications to the Ivy compiler and runtime by default.

Ivy offers faster, AOT compilation as well as scaled-down bundle sizes, faster testing, and improved debugging. Improved CSS class and type binding is showcased in Ivy as well, alongside with enhancements in style examining, build problems, and build moments. Also section of Angular 9 is ng update, which promises to be a more trustworthy and instructive software for updating applications and their dependencies. 

Angular presents dependency injection, which is particularly helpful for assembling facts products and services for applications, alongside with use of an HTML template to compose factors. In Angular, builders still compose factors with an HTML component that connects to TypeScript code for crucial pieces of the application.

Wherever to download Angular 9 or previous releases