What are proxy servers and why are they needed?

What is a Proxy Server and Do You Need One? | Elegant Themes Blog

A proxy server is a defined space between resources and a computer. That is, in the case when a request is made from a computer to download a certain Internet resource, first of all this request goes to the proxy, after which it is processed and sent to the web server. Accordingly, a very important point is the process of choosing a quality proxy server. Note that proxy servers on the site you-proxy.com can be purchased without any difficulties and problems. On the recommended resource, you can also find a fairly substantial amount of information, on the basis of which you can make the subsequent competent and correct choice. How to choose the right proxy server? By choosing a recommended company, you will certainly be able to get the best. Since in this case the IP addresses are scattered, and there is also a high speed and minimum ping. In other words, the use of this server will allow you to get the maximum response, which will further affect the operation of the resource. The thing is that often the problem of reducing the relevance of a site is precisely the fact that it is immersed for a very long time. This is a server problem, it is for this reason that you need to evaluate the parameters of high speed and minimum ping, since the demand for visiting your resource will essentially depend on this. All proxy servers issued on the recommended site are personal. Also, it is on the specified site that you can find a fairly large site and constantly updated addresses. In other words, by choosing the specified site, you can get a fairly significant amount of information regarding proxy servers, and you will understand that it is here that you can purchase a server that will become the basis of a normal and the competent work of your Internet resource. Remember that it is the proxy that allows you to speed up access to the resource, since a very important point is the presence of a high-speed communication channel. If access to the Internet is carried out through a proxy, then in this case a kind of anonymity of being on the network is also formed. Today there are restrictions that are established by the legislative authorities regarding the visit of certain Internet resources. To get around such negative aspects and still have full access to all the functionality of the Internet, it is recommended to use a proxy server.

Features and basic concepts

Let’s start with private proxies, which have some advantages compared to other tariffs:

  • they allow you to work faster;
  • do not have or have a minimum delay in the exchange of information;
  • have the ability to archive transmitted information, which can reduce the amount of transmitted data and reduce the load on the network;
  • content filtering of transmitted information, so if there is advertising information or malware in the traffic, then such data will be filtered.

Another important, and for most professional users, the main advantage is a thorough check of private proxy servers. This provides additional protection against hackers who can conduct network attacks. Well, of course, anonymity should be mentioned, which is perhaps the main purpose of using a proxy server, with its help the safety of personal data, passwords from sites and logins from all kinds of resources is achieved, your geolocation and the content with which you work are kept secret.

What else is useful to know

You can independently choose the country through which the Internet traffic will be directed, and switch between different countries if necessary. In contrast to private proxies, open proxies are not reliable enough and are not very effective for use in business processes. In case of infection of the company’s computers, this can lead to the stoppage of all business processes, which will affect the work of the company as a whole, lead to an increase in costs and loss of time. If you do not know how many proxy servers you need for your purposes, then it will be advisable to use a pool server, with the help of which the traffic will be equally distributed to a number of servers, which will ensure fast and safe operation. I would like to separately note that for the operation of the pools, a stable and reliable protocol version IPv4 is used.