[Tom Stanton] Builds An Osprey

The V-22 Osprey is an aircraft like no other. The tiltrotor multirole military services plane can make an perception where ever it goes coincidentally, a flight of two of these beasts flew specifically overhead yesterday and made a noise contrary to just about anything we’ve ever heard prior to. It is a advanced plane that pushes the engineering envelope, so by natural means [Tom Stanton] made a decision to construct a flight-handle exact RC product of the Osprey for himself.

Sharp-eyed audience will no question be aware that [Tom] built an Osprey-like VTOL product just lately to discover the fundamentals of tiltrotor layout. But his objective with this build is to go over and above the principles by replicating some of the regulate complexity of a total-scale Osprey, without having breaking the lender. Instead of creating or acquiring real swash plates to control the collective and cyclic pitch of the rotors, [Tom] applied his “virtual swashplate” system, which uses angled hinges and swift modifications in the angular momentum of the motors to achieve blade pitch command. The intriguing part is that the identical mechanism worked after adding a third blade to just about every rotor, to mimic the Osprey’s blades — we’d have imagined this would toss the whole issue off equilibrium. Accurate, there had been some resonance issues with the airframe, but [Tom] was in a position to defeat them and attain a little something close to steady flight.

The online video beneath is only the initial aspect of his establish sequence, but we suspect consists of most of the appealing engineering bits. Continue to, we’re on the lookout forward to seeing how the regulate system evolves as the structure procedure carries on.

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