Tiny Thin Client Is Small But Compatible

We ended up impressed with [moononournation’s] very small skinny consumer venture. It claims to use an Arduino, but as you might guess it is using the Arduino software along with a community-enabled microcontroller like an ESP32. The outstanding aspect is that it is specifications-compliant and implements VNC’s RFB protocol.

The first coding for RFB on Arduino is from [Links2004] and armed with that, the slender client is likely less difficult to build than you would guess. However, this challenge required to use a larger display screen and uncovered that it led to certain problems. In certain, the first code had a 320×240 screen. This project was to use an 800×480 exhibit, but with the limitations on the ESP32, the body level probable would be less than 7 frames per next. The answer was to incorporate a 16-bit parallel interface with better compression back again to the VNC server.

The small keyboard is most likely not very functional, but it is compact. That would be a different easy factor to modify. At the moment, the keyboard employs I2C, but it would be simple to improve points up. This would be a worthy base to establish a bigger job on top rated. A 3D printed enclosure would be nice, too.

We’ve observed a selection of tasks crafted close to business slim shoppers. Some from defunct firms are great sources for obscure parts, much too.


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