Take Your Business Website to the Next Level With These 7 Design Tips |  Inc.com

We are in 2022 now, and the majority of people are relying on digitalization. Everything people would like to shop for physically, first they check it out on a website. So having a website that has a clean layout, easy navigation and professional looks has turned out to be a necessity. Approaching a top-rated web design agency in Reno like Stack Mode can help meet your needs effortlessly. The following are some of the essentials that make sure you have a website that truly stands out:

  • Micro Interactions

On a website, micro interactions are small animations that offer subtle feedback to users. We are all used to seeing a ling change colors when a user hovers the mouse cursor over it. With the focus on micro interactions, that same experience might be given more attention to stand out a little bit more. Such as having the mouse cursor change into a different image based on the link it is hovering over.

  • Micro Animation

As you might have guessed from the name, micro animations are small animations. But in this scenario, small does not mean insignificant. Micro animations are very much helpful when it comes to guiding users through their interactions with your website. They can even add an element of playfulness to the website.

Micro animations have been popular for a few years now, but in 2022, it will be about using them organically. As a professional and experienced Reno web designer explains, we will be thinking about the way things move, if they are on a curve or wheel instead of on a flat plane.

One of the latest website design trends for e-commerce websites is making use of micro animations to enhance the user experience and provide the shoppers with a taste of their products.

  • Organic Shapes

Geometric shapes were a big web design trend in 2020, but in 2022, it is all about organic shapes. Fluid or organic shapes are anything that does not involve straight lines. Think of the shapes that take place in nature, such as hills, the edges of a river or lake, and how they are winding and asymmetrical.

Fluid shapes are a wonderful approach to break up sections of a website without harsh angles or lines. They are even wonderful to use in the background, such as the way Android makes use of circles behind products on their homepage.

  • Minimalism (Flat Design)

Minimalism, at times also known as flat design, is not a new trend in web design. Still, it has typically been associated with a lot of white space. In 2022, we anticipate people will be experimenting with colorful minimalism. It does not have to be all white to be minimalist.

A wonderful instance of a website that does colorful minimalism well is Shopify. Each page of their website features a bold background color with clean text and minimal design elements to create an attention-grabbing and easy-on-the-eyes page.

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