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The origins of this desert grassland phenomenon — similarly spaced 10- to-50-foot barren patches identified as fairy circles — have extended confounded scientists. Thousands and thousands of these circular spots stretch across the fringes of particular deserts in western Australia, as effectively as Namibia (pictured higher than) and other sections of southern Africa. In 1979, South African botanist G.K. Theron suggested that dying shrubs may well poison the sandy soil and suppress grass expansion, leaving the circles behind. But this principle does not maintain h2o, in accordance to researchers from Germany’s University of Göttingen. The team frequented 4 decomposed shrub places as soon as noticed by Theron and failed to discover fairy circles there. A extra probably bring about? Particular desert grasses establish a perfect circle to improve their drinking water consumption and stave off competitiveness, the researchers counsel, in a intelligent feat of purely natural engineering.