China Will Attempt First Carbon-Neutral Winter Olympics

About 160 kilometers northwest of Beijing, the town of Zhangjiakou with its rugged terrain offers some of the richest wind and solar resources in China. Renewables account for almost 50 % of the city’s energy output with a lot less than a third of its complete solar and wind prospective of 70 gigawatts put in so significantly.

That would make it an best cohost with Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, which China designs to make the greenest however. The plan is to electricity all 26 venues thoroughly with renewables, marking a very first in the games’ historical past.

The Beijing 2022 Organising Committee aims to make the game titles carbon neutral, or as near as possible—a benchmark for the Intercontinental Olympic Committee’s mission to make the Olympics carbon good by 2024.

Moreover remaining a symbol for President Xi Jinping’s bold purpose of China being carbon neutral

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Gravity Batteries, Green Hydrogen, and a Thorium Reactor for China

2021 was a big year for energy-related news, what with the ongoing hunt for new forms of energy storage and cleaner if not carbon-free electricity and events and research that spotlighted the weak links in our power grid. As the pandemic continued to grind on, it was actually comforting to know that smart people in the energy sector were working hard to keep the lights on, advance the technology, and improve people’s lives. IEEE Spectrum did its best to cover those developments, and these were the stories that our readers liked best.

Gravity Energy Storage Will Show Its Potential in 2021

Why was this Spectrum’s most popular energy story of the year? Well, let’s think. As power grids everywhere increasingly rely on intermittent renewable energy, batteries and other forms of energy storage that can even out the bumps in supply and demand are taking on a crucial role. No

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