Super73 S2 Review: A Fun but Frightening Ebike

But it retained going on. Above and above, the bike would go to complete throttle, or I might stop pedaling but the bike would not stop accelerating. Other times, I might be pedaling and quickly get no power right up until I blipped the throttle, which would convey the electric support back again on. It was performing glitchy all above, which manufactured for a tense experience home. 

At a crowded intersection, I was at a red gentle when the bike quickly launched me into a group of pedestrians in the crosswalk. Luckily, I caught it with the brakes just before I toppled any one. I did some investigation to see if other S2 customers have been having the exact situation. Positive more than enough, above multiple forums, folks have been reporting the exact throttle woes. This issue didn’t seem for the 1st handful of months I had the bike, but all those rides have been taken on dry streets. As quickly as I took it onto a damp street for the 1st time, the malfunctions appeared inside of fifteen minutes.

Super73’s engineers say they could not replicate the issue on my examination bike when I delivered it back again, but they suspected it wanted a firmware update. The organization suggests it has listened to of comparable problems, but that a firmware update should remedy them. 

I keep on being skeptical. If it’s a firmware situation, why would it come about only when streets are damp? It can make me suspect the controller just isn’t sufficiently waterproofed, but I are not able to say that definitively. I requested the organization if it examined the bike in damp conditions, but it did not affirm or deny this.

All Kitted Up

Photograph: Super73

It can be hard to get earlier those unsafe faults, but the rest of the bike feels very well developed. Super73 didn’t skimp on the information. All the cables and wires from the handlebars are routed through the frame, which provides the bike a tidy, clear glance. The LED headlight is big and wonderful for lighting up the street on a darkish night time (630 lumens!), and the integrated LED taillight is hard to overlook. The metallic white paint is a incredibly good contact as very well, but you can also get it in black or metallic steel. 

The motorbike-fashion seat is comfortable, but it’s non-adjustable and somewhat lower at 31 inches tall. Super73 suggests the bike suits any one from 5’1″ to 6’8″ in peak. I’m 5’10”, and I by now felt like a bear sitting at a faculty desk. There is a smartphone application that pairs with the bike, but unlike brands like VanMoof, you might be not pressured to use it to experience the bike. Which is excellent. I seldom want to bother with anything at all a lot more than the Lcd screen on the handlebars.

The S2 is a pleasurable bike—one with heaps of power and feels like it should cost a lot more than the $2,695 asking rate. And I had a excellent time driving it … right up until I didn’t. Super73 would have a recommendation-deserving bike on their fingers if it could get rid of the throttle problems and give a front fender that in fact operates.