Sergey Levine: Humans, Robots, and Machine Learning

What is the variance in between state-of-the-artwork robots and ‘state-of-the-art’ people? Can we examine them in terms of physical components, and in terms of total capability? How can we introduce a commonsense reasoning in robotics?

These are just some of the issues talked about in the latest interview introduced by Lex Fridman, where by he talks about the latest advancements and trends in robotics and deep learning with Sergey Levine, the globe-renowned professional of synthetic intelligence, specializing in the space of deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, and personal computer vision.

“Obviously, human bodies are innovative, and extremely robust, and resilient in many ways, but on the total, if we’re willing to devote a minimal little bit of revenue and do a little bit of engineering, we can type of near the components gap. Practically. But the intelligence gap – that one particular is extremely wide”, states S. Levine.

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