Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Facing GPS Issues, Users Report

Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones that ended up released in February appear to be to have landed in hassle. Numerous users on social media have just lately pointed out that their Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones are facing GPS-related troubles particularly even though making use of Google Maps. Samsung has not formally addressed the issue having said that, some have claimed that the retail showrooms are replacing the models soon after they reported the problem. The issue also seems to be present in the Galaxy S20 models which utilized the Snapdragon-driven SoC as an alternative of Samsung’s very own Exynos SoC. Previously some users also pointed out an problem with the camera of the new smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20-series users residing in America and Canada have pointed out on social media that even though making use of apps these types of as Google Maps and Waze, the GPS in the telephone was not able to freeze the detected locale. A consumer on Twitter pointed out that despite restarting the telephone, the apparent bug did not get fastened. Likewise, other users on Samsung Discussion boards elevated the very same troubles even though making use of Google Maps. A consumer more claimed that despite turning off and then turning on the GPS, the issue however lingered. “When making use of Google Maps or Waze I am receiving a looking for GPS message on the screen. I have attempted turning locale off and again on and rebooting the telephone. Not certain what else I can do to resolve this problem,” the consumer reported.

Following much more users addressed the alleged issue on the discussion board, some more claimed that their Samsung Galaxy S20 models ended up replaced. At the instant it is unclear regardless of whether this is a software bug that is creating the issue or a components problem with the handset.

Due to the fact most of the users who reported the problem are residing countries like the US and Canada, we are assuming the alleged bug is present in the Snapdragon-driven models. To remember, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 lineup, which includes the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra with both Samsung Exynos 990 SoC or Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. The Samsung Galaxy S20 telephones that are sold in India use an Exynos-driven processor, contrary to the US models which use the Snapdragon processors. This is maybe why we have not come throughout users complaining about GPS-related troubles in the state.

Previously this week, Samsung also attempted fixing an auto-concentrate camera problem that was pointed out by various users. However, it is not totally fixed but and an update from Samsung is anticipated in the coming weeks.