Rubrik acquires Igneous Systems’ unstructured data tech

Rubrik acquired unstructured data management startup Igneous Units and programs to integrate its tech into the Rubrik system.

Rubrik uncovered it had acquired “key technology and IP property” from Igneous Thursday in a weblog. Nevertheless, Rubrik delivered several information of the order past that when SearchDataBackup reached out. A Rubrik govt mentioned the planned amount of integration in between Rubrik and Igneous’ merchandise, whether the Igneous branding would remain and what takes place to Igneous CEO Dean Darwin and the rest of Igneous’ leadership group have been all “to be determined.” Rubrik also did not disclose Igneous’ financial standing major up to the order and the price it paid for the startup.

Igneous Units gives unstructured data management as a services. Its DataDiscover, DataProtect and DataFlow merchandise enabled data indexing, safety and migration. Igneous’ market differentiator was its means to supply these capabilities at large scale, capable to quickly scan petabytes worth of NAS documents and accomplish its data management features on them. Other cloud-based mostly 3rd-social gathering suppliers these types of as Druva, Clumio and Commvault’s Metallic giving lack Igneous’ substantial-scale unstructured data management part.

Vasu Murthy, Rubrik’s vice president of merchandise, mentioned the scale at which Igneous technology operates is what manufactured it an enticing order for Rubrik. Rubrik now has petabyte-scale consumers, and its technology can accommodate them. In the same way, Rubrik’s Polaris Sonar solution can supply data classification and research. Murthy mentioned customers’ unstructured data suppliers carry on to improve, and Rubrik had been investigating means to scale further more. Igneous’ technology is “complementary” to Rubrik’s and would allow for Rubrik to accomplish that scale.

“This is a key piece of technology we are happy to have,” Murthy mentioned.

Whilst he wouldn’t go into element, Murthy mentioned Rubrik is retaining most of Igneous’ staff. In addition, Rubrik has reached out to all of Igneous’ present-day consumers and assured them it will not interrupt any integration programs they are working on.

Igneous founder Kiran Bhageshpur stepped down as CEO in June 2020 and was changed by Dean Darwin. In an interview at that time, Darwin mentioned Igneous’ principal weak position was its internet marketing. He explained Igneous as a firm with a superior solution backed by superior technology, but it was not loud sufficient in the market. Whilst he mentioned he was wanting for “a much more significant partnership” for his go-to-market approach, Darwin did not indicate that promoting Igneous was part of that approach.

Krista Macomber, senior analyst at Evaluator Team, mentioned Igneous is a superior order for Rubrik mainly because consumers with petabytes of critical unstructured data are ever more typical. Businesses can have huge suppliers of health-related photos, investigate data in proprietary formats, social media data and surveillance footage that they depend on to run, and all this data wants to be thoroughly managed and shielded. Common NAS data safety is just not intended to manage these types of substantial volumes of unstructured data, but Igneous’ special capability to manage billions of documents will make improvements to Rubrik’s means to scale into these multi-petabyte environments.

“Igneous specifically focuses on unstructured data, which is expanding exponentially quick and has come to be business enterprise-critical,” Macomber mentioned.

Igneous also aids Rubrik press further more into data visibility for business enterprise intelligence, compliance and protection use circumstances, Macomber mentioned. It would expand upon what Polaris Sonar is now carrying out, permitting consumers to research and determine documents at a large scale.

Macomber added that she was not amazed by the acquisition. Whilst she did not get any sign that Darwin was browsing for a purchaser or that Rubrik was fascinated in Igneous’ technology, she mentioned Igneous has had a rocky calendar year with a CEO adjust in June and layoffs in November.

Evidently, Igneous was not in good shape sufficient to endure below Darwin.