Reolink Go PT security camera review: Surveillance in far-flung places Review

On the floor, the Reolink Go PT exterior security digital camera is just about the identical as the Reolink Argus PT digital camera. But it has 1 smaller but important difference.

You can position this digital camera just about everywhere. I say just about for the reason that this security digital camera will transmit indicators from where ever it is to your cell cellphone — as very long as there is a cell cellphone sign.

The Go PT can run on 4G LTE and 3G networks. You do not require to link this system to Wi-Fi to hold track of your valuables.

You do not even require to plug it into a ability supply. The Go PT comes with a rechargeable battery or you can charge your Go PT system making use of the optional photo voltaic ability pack.

Like the Reolink Argus PT, the Go PT has a 355-degree horizontal panning and one hundred forty degrees tilt to watch an just about entire discipline of view. Like the Argus PT, it has a PIR movement sensor, alerts, and will broadcast a voice warn. in truth, these cameras are just about the identical.

All you require for the Go PT is to by a SIM and set up a data agreement for the card. That’s it.

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The splendor of this system is that you can mount it far absent from your Wi-Fi accessibility issue, and it will watch and transmit by using 3G or 4G data.

The Reolink app manages the Go PT and the controls are the identical for all of the Reolink cameras. Connecting the digital camera to the app is basic.

I used far more time obtaining the SIM card agreement set up and activated than the time I used connecting the digital camera to the app, and screwing the device to the shed.

The largest difference I recognized between the Argus PT and the Go PT was the mounting frame for the digital camera.

I felt that the Reolink Argus PT mount was flimsy, however the mount for the Go PT — practically the identical digital camera — was appreciably improved quality. It is continue to plastic, but I was delighted to put in this without the need of fashioning an option mount for the digital camera.

With the photo voltaic panel integrated, the Reolink Go PT fees just beneath $290, but if you have a substantial house, are out of Wi-Fi selection, this added cost could be anything to think about. 

If you want to make absolutely sure your outbuildings are protected, and you have no ability to these spots, then the Reolink Go PT ought to certainly be on your checklist of security products and solutions to get.