Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker review: Oxo’s latest coffee maker is our new favorite drip machine

Fulfill our new beloved drip espresso maker, the Oxo Brew eight-Cup.

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A quality drip espresso maker must brew quick and very hot, but it shouldn’t scorch your grounds. Handful of espresso machines can pull off this delicate balancing act, but the $170 Oxo Brew eight-Cup Espresso Maker is one particular of the uncommon machines that does. For $twenty much less than the well-highly regarded $a hundred ninety Bonavita Connoisseur, the Oxo Brew delivers SCA Golden Cup-rated espresso that preferences just as good.


  • Compact
  • Appealing, sturdy style and design
  • Brews superb pots of espresso quickly
  • Thermal carafe doesn’t drip although pouring

Don’t Like

  • The filter basket could be much easier to fill

Oxo’s latest electric powered espresso maker also will come with a thermal carafe that, as opposed to the Bonavita’s, is not susceptible to messy drips and spills although you pour from it. The Oxo espresso maker is compact, much easier on the eyes than the Connoisseur, and it feels sturdier, much too. All that will make the Oxo Brew eight-Cup an superb purchase, and sufficient to get paid our Editors’ Choice award for drip espresso makers in 2020.

Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker side

The Oxo Brew eight-Cup is compact, sleek, and trendy.

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Tiny and sleek

Physically, the Oxo Brew eight-Cup is everything its beefy Oxo twelve-cup and nine-cup predecessors weren’t. Those people machines had been substantial and cumbersome monstrosities, in particular the Oxo Barista Mind twelve-Cup Brewing Program, which towered around other small kitchen area appliances and ate up precious counter space. 

The Oxo Brew eight-Cup is similar in dimensions to the Bonavita Connoisseur. Equally espresso makers are compact sufficient to tuck away under kitchen area cabinets when they are not in use. Because of the Oxo’s sleeker lines, additionally loads of open space concerning its a variety of pieces, the Brew eight-cup appears downright svelte future to the chunkier Connoisseur.

Aesthetics apart, the Brew eight-Cup is established up like numerous other significant-general performance drip espresso makers. A heating unit tower and h2o tank (40 ounces, or one.2 liters) sits on one particular facet of a extended base. You can expect to come across a double-walled thermal carafe across from that. A funnel-formed brewing chamber life directly higher than the carafe.   


Here is a look at of the major of Oxo’s latest espresso maker.

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Employing the Oxo Brew eight-Cup

Making espresso with the Oxo Brew eight-Cup is a uncomplicated course of action. To start with, fill the espresso machine’s h2o tank. Its utmost (and default) dimensions is 40 ounces. Which is the same h2o potential as other quality espresso makers these kinds of as the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741 and the Bonavita Connoisseur.


Flip up the lid of the h2o tank to obtain it.

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Subsequent, flip open the brewing chamber lid. The filter basket inside that accepts standard 8-cup dimensions, flat-bottomed paper filters. Release the basket by swinging its deal with arm upwards Then drop a filter inside, include your floor espresso, and position it back into the machine. 

Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker controls

Pick your preferred brewing method, 2 to 4 cups, or a full pot.

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Make guaranteed the switch on the brewing chamber is established for a full carafe. Furthermore, hit the energy button and faucet the button labeled “five-eight cups.” If you would like to brew much less there is certainly also a 2-4 cup button for that goal. Oxo also involves an optional brew basket developed in particular for solitary-cup brewing. It accepts Kalita wave filters (Kalita 185).

I do have one particular slight gripe listed here. The Oxo’s filter basket doesn’t sit flat on counter tops. That manufactured it difficult to fill with grounds until I held it in one particular hand. The Connoisseur’s filter basket has a flat bottom, so is much easier to fill although it’s resting on your countertop.

Efficiency and style

Equally the Bonavita Connoisseur and its predecessor, the BV1900TS, executed very well on my tests. So did the Oxo Brew eight-Cup Espresso Maker. In terms of raw brewing velocity, the Oxo Brew was in a position to fill its pot in an typical of 6 minutes, eight seconds. Which is shut to the brewing velocity of the BV1900TS as well as the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741 (both coming in at five minutes, 45 seconds), and more rapidly than the Connoisseur (6 minutes, 25 seconds).  

As outlined in the manual, I used a brewing ratio of 40 ounces of h2o to 2.26 ounces (sixty four grams) of medium floor espresso. I also analyzed with my usual full bean take a look at espresso sourced from Costco (Kirkland Colombian Supremo).

Irrespective, the Oxo Brew eight-Cup’s brewing time is well under the eight minutes or much less the Specialty Espresso Association (SCA) suggests for good drip. 


Thermocouple readings confirmed the Oxo Brew eight-Cup controls its brewing temperature well.

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Velocity is not all which is expected to brew superb espresso. Exact h2o warmth levels are also important. Specially, the proper h2o temperature assortment (197 degrees Fahrenheit/ninety two Centigrade to 205 F/ninety six C) is critical to creating superb espresso. I can affirm that the Oxo espresso maker held its h2o temperature in just a incredibly restricted assortment. 

In the first moment of brewing, the typical temperature inside the grounds was a hundred ninety.3 F (87.nine C), according to thermocouple readings. Which is more rapidly than the Connoisseur, which experienced a decrease typical temperature at the one moment mark (147.nine F, sixty four.4 C). At 2 minutes, the temperature inside the Oxo’s brew chamber remained rock stable, at 189.4 F. By moment 3, the temperature crept up to 197.6 F, then to 199.3 F at moment 4. From listed here warmth levels had been regular, scarcely raising a lot more than 3 degrees.  


Reflectometer measurements also confirmed this espresso maker is worthy of the SCA Golden Cup standard.

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Our refractometer, which steps the sum of espresso dissolved in the liquid, confirmed equally regular general performance from the Oxo. Across 3 runs working with the Oxo-advisable sixty four grams of espresso grounds, the Oxo Brew eight-Cup notched carefully grouped TDS (full dissolved solids) percentage results (one.4, one.five, one.6%). These quantities translate to an typical extraction percentage of 25%. 

Which is somewhat outdoors of the excellent assortment, normally held to be concerning 18 and 22%. The Oxo Brew’s manual also indicates working with a much less exact “8 scoops” of espresso with the bundled plastic scoop. When I measured 8 scoops of my take a look at espresso, it weighed out to specifically 69.6 grams. Following brewing again with 40 ounces of h2o, I recorded a TDS percentage of one.3. This calculates to an extraction percentage of 19%, which falls squarely inside the SCA assortment.  


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The espresso was powerful, elaborate, balanced, and experienced no trace of bitterness. The drip I manufactured with fewer grounds (sixty four grams) tasted wonderful much too, just a very little weak. I also manufactured espresso at a powerful ratio of eighty three grams of espresso to 40 ounces of h2o. Bold, intensive, and tremendous-concentrated, this was my beloved pot. With an extraction percentage of 23%, it was also a hair outdoors golden cup assortment. Irrespective of the ratio, the Oxo brewer manufactured espresso that was under no circumstances bitter and incredibly drinkable. You could possibly have to alter the espresso and h2o ratio to your exact tastes, but Golden Cup-territory is incredibly achievable with the Oxo brewer.

Very similar to the Connoisseur, the Oxo’s thermal carafe can maintain liquid inside it very hot for hours. I recorded 3 hours, 45 minutes ahead of espresso in the container dropped beneath 150 degrees F (sixty six C). Which is somewhat shorter run than the Bonavita 1900 which hung on to its warmth lengthier (practically 4 hours), despite the fact that the thermal carafe champion is even now the Moccamaster (6 hours).

A new selection for better drip

I have to say I am incredibly impressed with Oxo’s latest electric powered drip espresso maker. The $170 Oxo Brew eight-Cup performs well, whipping up pots of delicious joe quickly. It is also compact, and attractively styled. I also like that it will come with a solitary-serve accent for creating automatic pour-around, one particular cup at a time.

All this stacks up favorably towards the competition. Right until now, my drip espresso maker of alternative has been the $a hundred ninety Bonavita Connoisseur. Nonetheless, the Oxo Brew eight-Cup brews just as well and more rapidly, and seems to be better undertaking it. It expenses $twenty much less much too, and does a very little a lot more. Which is why it’s clearly outstanding in my e book, and the winner of our Editors’ Choice award.