Open Group turns focus to TOGAF, Agile architecture guidance

The Open up Team will increase deeper written content to its new Open up Agile Architecture conventional shifting forward and provide more assistance on how to use it with TOGAF and the seller-neutral consortium’s other specifications.

TOGAF — shortened from The Open up Team Architecture Framework — is the organization’s most well-known conventional, with more than a hundred,000 specialists qualified via tests that they have more and more taken from property in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steve Nunn, president and CEO of The Open up Team, took stock of the newest Agile, TOGAF and other enterprise architecture developments in this interview with SearchAppArchitecture.

What are the most critical trends you’re looking at with your members and enterprise architecture in basic?

Steve Nunn

Steve Nunn: The first just one is Agile. How do Agile and enterprise architecture perform jointly? There is a university of thought that in a planet that calls for Agile techniques, you will find no position for what some folks get in touch with the waterfall solution to architecture — the classic, significant-options-upfront solution.

We, as an corporation, have been adhering to it with interest for some several years now, and there is unquestionably nothing at all about the TOGAF conventional that cannot be utilised in an Agile way. There is a notion there are all these methods or phases to go via, and it really is heavyweight. But we have a lot of proof of how it can be utilised in timeframes that are entirely dependable with Agile approaches, scrums, standups and all types of individuals approaches. So, you will see more assistance about how TOGAF can be utilised in that way coming out from us in excess of the study course of this calendar year.

Also, we introduced the Open up Agile Architecture (OAA) conventional which is entirely different to TOGAF in intent, but can be utilised in synergy. OAA will with any luck , support folks who think that enterprise architecture and TOGAF are incompatible with Agile see that we continue to will need architecture. We have witnessed examples of significant organizations wiping out their enterprise architecture departments and stating, ‘We’re executing Agile.’ They are now stating, ‘We continue to will need architecture, since we produced a ton of stuff promptly, but it was not coordinated. We have bought disparate components now that we will need to convey jointly.’ Guess what? The way to do that is architecture.

I would also anxiety you will find really frequently a ton of confusion between agility in a software improvement sense and the techniques that are utilised. Organizational agility is needed for electronic transformation, and you will not get that by just adhering to Agile software improvement approaches. You get that by adhering to Agile architecture techniques.

What opinions have you gotten on OAA considering the fact that it became ultimate in September?

Nunn: Does this signify you will find no further more evolution of TOGAF? The reply is unquestionably not.

The other opinions we’ve gotten is: It can be great as significantly as it goes, but there needs to be a bit more depth in the conventional — which is a little something I entirely fully grasp. The members who worked tough on it fully grasp that, much too. So, they have a roadmap for including more depth and written content to the conventional. They are adhering to what they get in touch with a playbook solution. For example, they’ve been doing work with our safety forum on the safety playbook for the OAA.

The other opinions we’ve gotten is: There is TOGAF, OAA, IT4IT and other Open up Team specifications. How do I go about using them jointly? Or, when do I use just one and not the other? We have kicked off an activity to seem at a portfolio of electronic specifications. How do these specifications perform jointly in a way which is beneficial when you’re heading via a electronic transformation journey within your corporation? A ton depends on exactly where you start. 1 of the essential factors of bringing the portfolio jointly is the electronic practitioner overall body of awareness, which is aimed at the approaches you will need to get at different components in your organization’s lifecycle.

The Open Group professional certifications
The Open up Team specialist certifications

Do you at any time get worried the volume of material that The Open up Team places out could overwhelm folks who are just receiving started off?  

Nunn: Several years ago at our bodily occasions, we utilised to operate a session really routinely named ‘I’ve downloaded TOGAF. Now what?’ Just that conventional on your own is 800 web pages or thereabouts. There is a ton to absorb. Which is why assistance material is critical. Anyone needs scenario scientific tests. Which is just one of the values folks bought from attending our bodily occasions — the possibility to explore individuals factors with other folks who’ve been in a related scenario. It was more than just networking.

What we check out to do, exactly where it helps make sense, is operate a person group aimed at folks inquiring queries about how to get started off. We also get factors out via white papers and weblogs. There are folks who check with on that, of study course. We are not a consultancy. We will not profess to advise folks on how to do their architecture work. We just check out to deliver the equipment to support them. All of this stuff is freely downloadable and usable. They may perhaps will need support to put into practice it occasionally. Yet another way of executing that is via teaching and certification. We advise receiving at least some folks educated in these specifications. If they then coach their colleagues, you’ve bought a frequent language so that you can instantly get value from just that on your own. 

The other matter which is new is the Architect’s Toolkit we set on our site late final calendar year. That is supposed to admit the simple fact that all these specifications are equipment. You will not have to comply with them slavishly, and you will not have to use just one individual device to do anything. You select the very best device for the endeavor or scenario.

Do you have any sense how many organizations buy enterprise architecture equipment?

Nunn: There is really a quantity of equipment distributors. Some equipment are quite costly. What I’ve witnessed in excess of the several years with scenario scientific tests at our occasions is folks are inclined to start compact. They might start with a free of charge device. They make the scenario within an corporation for the value of modeling and the value of a device, to support them get the spending budget to buy a more sophisticated device with greater features. Of study course, much larger organizations with significant budgets may perhaps go straight into shopping for a significant device.

If you check out to do real enterprise architecture devoid of equipment, you only get so significantly — or you will need a ton of folks, since capturing factors in PowerPoint and other non-EA equipment will get complicated really promptly. So, the equipment are an critical section of the architecture work that goes on. As we see the demand from customers for EA go up, the demand from customers for equipment is heading up, much too.

What is the most profound effect you’ve recognized as a final result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Nunn: A essential job of an architect is bringing jointly the technological side of the property and the enterprise side of the property — the stakeholders — and communicating. Commonly, which is carried out experience-to-experience, maybe with loads of Article-it notes all in excess of the position, receiving people’s ache details down. I’ve heard that function is just harder to supply successfully in a digital sense. I am certain there are strategies of executing it, but you continue to will not get that exact same relationship that you would have if you had been functioning a session in a place.

A incredibly favourable difference is the demand from customers for enterprise architecture has absent up in no compact section since of the position it performs and the value it provides to electronic transformation. From what I’ve go through — and we’ve experienced speakers mention it — electronic transformation in many organizations has been significantly accelerated by COVID-19, since of the will need to supply items and services in a electronic or no-touch way to prospects. 1 of the significant analyst corporations reported COVID-19 experienced almost certainly accelerated electronic transformation by two or a few several years in the scenario of many organizations out of complete requirement. They had been almost certainly down that route, but they’ve really experienced to adapt and speed up their electronic transformation. It can be a problem of survival.

Have you sensed amplified hiring of enterprise architects?

Nunn: Yes. I’ve bought anecdotal proof from some of our member organizations, particularly the significant ones. They have practically reported, if the value of enterprise architecture was getting questioned in the experience of anything getting Agile, then it really is flipped entirely. Now they’re battling to cope with the demand from customers for enterprise architects in their organizations. Even some organizations that instituted hiring freezes all through the final calendar year since of the pandemic are frequently creating exceptions when it will come to enterprise architects, since they see it as a valued talent.

What will be the most critical regions of target for The Open up Team shifting forward?

Nunn: We are going to be coming out with a quantity of new TOGAF series guides all through the study course of this calendar year. A ton of the work in our architecture forum is heading into assistance on how to use TOGAF in different environments or in relationship with other specifications, since which is really what folks are telling us they’re hunting for.

IT4IT version three. is heading to be sizeable with a target on electronic solution management. The Open up Footprint Forum is tackling what we can do to support struggle climate transform, or at least keep monitor, and lower carbon and other energy emissions. That work is critical and might basically be just one of the rather uncommon occasions exactly where The Open up Team will get recognized in the planet exterior our group.

Right before then, the [Open up Subsurface Information Universe] OSDU Forum is heading to start the first mainstream version of the open up resource implementations of their conventional. It can be in the subsurface section of the oil and gas sector that is essentially shifting the way details is utilised from exploration to make it significantly more analyzable. The forum has grown promptly, and just about absolutely everyone who is anybody in that sector is included. They have more work to do, but I believe that will be a sizeable action forward.

As a basic pointer, a essential concept for this calendar year and heading forward is the use of open up specifications to support address precise enterprise complications or create a future technology of devices that are based mostly on individuals specifications, with all the positive aspects that openness brings.

Editor’s be aware: This interview was edited and condensed for length and clarity.