Multifunctional e-glasses monitor health, protect eyes, control video game

Health tracker bracelets and watches give handy details, these kinds of as stage depend and heart level, but they generally just cannot give additional thorough info about the wearer’s health. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Used Resources & Interfaces have formulated clever electronic glasses (e-glasses) that not only keep an eye on a person’s mind waves and physique actions but also can perform as sun shades and let customers to command a video clip game with eye motions.

Good e-glasses can wirelessly keep an eye on EEG and EOG signals, UV intensity, and physique actions, while also performing as sun shades and a human-equipment interface. Graphic credit history: Adapted from ACS Used Resources & Interfaces 2020, DOI: ten.1021/acsami.0c03110

Products that evaluate electrical signals from the mind (electroencephalogram EEG) or eyes (electrooculogram EOG) can enable diagnose conditions like epilepsy and slumber diseases, as very well as command computers in human-equipment interfaces. But getting these measurements demands a continual bodily get hold of amongst pores and skin and sensor, which is complicated with rigid gadgets. Suk-Gained Hwang and colleagues wanted to integrate soft, conductive electrodes into e-glasses that could wirelessly keep an eye on EEG and EOG signals, ultraviolet (UV) intensity, and physique actions or postures, while also performing as a human-equipment interface.

The researchers developed the glasses’ frame with a 3D printer and then extra adaptable electrodes in the vicinity of the ears (EEG sensor) and eyes (EOG sensor). They also extra a wi-fi circuit for movement/UV sensing on the aspect of the glasses and a UV-responsive, shade-adjustable gel inside the lenses. When the sensor detected UV rays of a specified intensity, the lenses changed shade and grew to become sun shades. The movement detector allowed the researchers to keep track of the posture and gait of the wearer, as very well as detect when they fell. The EEG recorded alpha rhythms of the mind, which could be utilised to keep an eye on health. Ultimately, the EOG keep an eye on allowed the wearer to quickly move bricks around in a well-liked video clip game by changing the way and angle of their eyes. The e-glasses could be handy for electronic health care or digital reality purposes, the researchers say.