Miss out on Piggy and the relaxation of the Muppets are back again in Muppets Haunted Mansion. The Disney+ Halloween unique sees the Muppet gang paying out the night in a Muppet-ized version of the iconic Haunted Mansion attraction alongside a solid of celebrity guests. Muppets Haunted Mansion will be available to stream on Disney+ on October 8.

Display screen Rant sat down with the diva herself, Pass up Piggy to talk about working with other stars and reuniting with old pals.

Monitor Rant: There are so quite a few famous people in this motion picture, together with on your own. Do you at any time get starstruck by anyone? And who are you most starstruck by on established?

Miss Piggy: Oh, my gosh. No. No. I mean, let us get severe.

But we did have a great deal of excellent buddies of mine who arrived to take a look at us. We experienced Taraji P. Henson, Darren Chris, Yvette Nicole Brown, Will Arnett, Danny Trejo – he’s in every little thing we do these days – Craig Robinson, Pat Sajak! Pat Sajak, think it or not. So, I feel, in return, he is heading to have me on Wheel of Fortune and I am heading to be one particular of the prizes. I assume that’s the approach.

Who was most starstruck by you?

Skip Piggy: Oh, that is which is a good issue. It’d have to be Darren Chris. We do not basically have any scenes together in the distinctive mainly because he couldn’t do it. He could not convey himself to basically be in moi’s presence. Considering that then, we have gotten to be extremely excellent close friends and all but yeah, he could not provide himself to do it. 

Now, I have to ask you, and I never mean to cross the line, but your breakup with Kermit seriously rocked the country. You two did this exclusive together. What is your current position? What is actually going on?

Skip Piggy: You know, not a ton is going on appropriate now! You know, we got jointly, we did the special. It was definitely great. It really is a very little variety of mini-reunion for a ton of the Muppets. We haven’t seen every other in a very long time. I haven’t actually observed much of Kermit both. It’s been tough the past year or so, I consider it can be been tough for a great deal of folks. We will see what comes about when all this craziness is about.

Are you open up to rekindling?

Overlook Piggy: “But for now, Skip Piggy: single, mingling.

Overlook Piggy: Yup. I imply, as much as you can mingle these days.

Very well, thank you so a lot, Skip Piggy. I’m out of time. But it is such an honor to meet up with you.

Miss out on Piggy: It is, isn’t really it?