Macquarie University brings Accenture onboard for HR transformation – Training & Development – Projects – Cloud

Macquarie College is undergoing a human means program transformation with the aid of Accenture, moving to a new Workday platform and presenting much more self-assistance capabilities.

Folks and companies VP Nicole Gower instructed Workday’s Elevate summit previous thirty day period the university’s “HR system” until now was produced up of “patchwork” of smaller methods, although substantially of the complexity was shielded from people.

“When persons speak about ‘the HR system’, they will not realise that they’re actually speaking about multiple methods,” Gower claimed.

“We will not actually have 1 HR program. We have a payroll program, we have a expertise and recruitment management program, we had multiple timekeeping methods, we’ve had finding out management methods – and that patchwork method designed some actual challenges for us.

“There were being tons of manual workarounds, rather a lot of duplication, a lot of double entry, and that was leading to some actual challenges for the HR staff, but also for the university. 

“We did not see the stage of integration or cohesion that we would have appreciated.”

Along with far better integration, Gower claimed the current atmosphere had ability gaps, notably in areas these types of as expertise management and workforce arranging, that the university hoped to now deal with.

“We’ve often wished to be capable to do [these] really properly but haven’t often had the genuine applications or support mechanisms to be capable to,” she claimed.

Gower claimed that inspite of the backend challenges, the university’s HR assistance delivery model – that is, what people observed – “is actually rather mature and is really properly highly regarded across the university.” 

“We’ve acquired fantastic HR information, we’ve acquired fantastic HR strategic companies, and we’ve acquired high concentrations of trustworthiness across the university, so we are starting up from a really good platform,” she claimed.

“Although we have really good assistance delivery, what persons will not see is all the perform that goes on at the rear of the scenes.

“There’s a lot of manual perform and a lot of workarounds to make matters actually perform properly and to produce a good assistance to our staff.

“What we are making an attempt to do is make that a lot smoother, use technological innovation to be capable to automate some of that, and deliver much more of that in a self-assistance structure.”

The want to renovate led Macquarie College to consolidate HR onto Workday, with Accenture brought in to guide.

Chief info officer Tim Hume observed whole transformation of the IT platform as important.

“Transformation is just not just incremental adjust. It is really not about doing a variation improve,” he claimed.

“We could have completed that. We could have completed a number of improvements to current platforms. 

“Transformation means earning a adjust which will most likely utilize a little bit of rigidity to the business, but [that will] transfer us toward a area that may have taken several years usually, and heading with Workday will aid us get there.”

Gower claimed that implementing Workday arrived with a motivation to continually enhance the technological innovation underpinning HR.

Acquiring all of HR run out of 1 program will also lead to a consolidation of the university’s ‘people data’, which can then be used in much more “data-knowledgeable decision-making”.

“The coronary heart of our business is persons. If we understand that, if we get the data we need to have, we can do well towards our competitiveness,” Hume claimed.

“That’s what Macquarie is identified for. We’re little adequate to be agile and this is intended to make us agile.”