Intel Core i7-11700K may outperform AMD Ryzen 9 5900 X after all

The Intel Main i7-11700K processor may well be much more impressive than it is previously been given credit history for. Although early leaks experienced instructed the Intel CPU would slide behind the AMD Ryzen seven 5800X, new benchmark effects display the chip blowing AMD’s flagship processors out of the h2o.

Although not everybody is a fan of how UserBenchmark – the website exactly where these Intel Main i7-11700K effects have cropped up – calculates its regular scores list, the CPU did nicely in the solitary-main, twin-main, four-main, 8-main charts. As with all leaked data we won’t be able to assure the effects are 100% genuine but regardless these effects give us a explanation to pay awareness to the most recent entry in the Rocket Lake-S sequence.

We’ll study much more about the Intel Main i7-11700K afterwards this thirty day period, with an official unveiling envisioned for March 16. Immediately after the chips went on sale early we observed out that you are going to very likely be equipped to select one up for €469 (all around $570 / £410 / AU$730) with a rumored launch date of March 30. 

What’s in a benchmark?

It is well worth noting that Intel CPUs commonly do outperform AMD when it will come to lessen-main benchmarks. Intel would make up the top five for the solitary-main charts on UserBenchmark and the Intel Main i7-11700K and Main i9 11900F are the most effective two CPUs in the twin-main,  four-main and 8-main types. 

The AMD Ryzen nine 5900X and AMD Ryzen nine 5950X jostle for third behind them in individuals lists but they each do appreciably better in better main types. On the other hand, given that the AMD Ryzen nine chips are so tricky to get your hands on correct now, even if they are much more impressive, that will not likely subject.

For now, just do not get far too carried absent, the Intel Main i7-11700K benchmark effects are primarily based only on three samples at the time of creating, compared with the 21 thousand of the AMD Ryzen nine 5900X. As much more men and women check the hardware we’ll very likely see the numbers alter as we get a better photo of how good the processor seriously is. But if you’re in the industry for a new CPU, you may well want to take into consideration ready.

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