ILife V9e robot vacuum review: Super strong suction with cyclone dustbin Review

The iLife V9e robotic vacuum represents a phase up for iLife vacuum technological know-how. Shifting away from the conventional robotic vacuum designs, the V9e robotic has reinvented the way it sweeps flooring.

At somewhere around 12 inches in diameter, the V9e is smaller sized than most of the robotic vacuums I have reviewed, and taller at four.four inches. It is a great deal louder far too —  but why?

This robotic vacuum uses a cyclone process to suck up filth particles to the iLife’s 700ml dustbin. It also has no roller brush rather there is a soft silicone rubber mouthpiece underneath the vacuum that sucks up particles into the equipment. The added sound is owing to the robot’s 4000Pa suction electrical power – to drive the cyclone.

The dustbin has a a few-phase filter process together with a HEPA filter. Ilife claims that this gets rid of up to 99.ninety five% of tiny particles and allergens up to .3 microns in measurement.

I have been disappointed with the app effectiveness in some before iLife products.

The ILife A80 would only hook up to the major router in my household, The A9 app would not hook up to the gadget as it was optimised for US people only, and the A7 would not hook up at all. Only when I seemed at the ILife V80 could I hook up to the app.

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The corporation has finished a good deal of work on its app and relationship was straightforward. Plan and manner setting can be established in the app. You can use car, and edge manner, or crank the motor up with max manner – at 3000Pa. Place manner improves the suction electrical power to 4000Pa.

If the V9e senses that its battery is obtaining lower – after practically two several hours of procedure, It will return again to the dock, recharge, and resume cleaning when it is charged.

The V9e – like other ILife products — does not have LIDAR so It will not create an exact map of the area. As it does not have an exact map, its cleaning path does feel to be a minor bit random shifting in parallel zig zags across the ground.

The map reveals merely an approximation of the house it has cleaned. However, it ordinarily finds its way again to its charging dock – I only have to rescue it and choose it again to the dock about a person in six moments of use.

The map in the app bears minor relation to the rooms cleaned – nonetheless the V9e does cover all of the available house.

All in all for a minor more than $two hundred, the iLife V9e robotic vacuum is a exceptional, very affordable single-operate robotic vacuum that is seriously strong in use. 

Its cyclone dustbin does appear  to acquire a good deal of dust from carpets and challenging flooring, and its absence of roller brush signifies it will have to have considerably less servicing more than time. The compact iLife V9e robotic vacuum is definitely worth your consideration.