Link Building Strategies: The Complete List (2022)

The balancing act between Long-term and Short-term Link Building Goals differ for different organizations. While established and large conglomerates can afford to spend huge chunks of time and money in pursuing Long-term strategic goals, SMEs & Startups cannot do so. As Small, Medium & Startup Companies do not have a deep pocket for sustaining Long-term strategic goals, they plan and pursue Short-term Goals for quick sales cycles which bring in short, immediate and regular cash flows. 

Having said, both Short-term and Long-term Goals are relative terms and differ between companies. While Long-term Goals for a huge Conglomerate, Corporate House or a Multinational Company may mean 20+ years, it could well mean 10+ years for a Small or a Startup company. So, it is mostly up to the businesses and brands to do the balancing act between their Long-term and Short-term Goals for Link Building efforts. Check to know more about Link Building goals and strategies.

List all Short-term & Long-term Goals of your Multiple Websites

To begin with, list all your Short-term and Long-term goals of your Group websites that you are promoting through the Link Building campaign. Your goals may include website traffic, average user time, number of leads, traffic from specific locations, product-wise page visits, audience type and profile based traffic, location based traffic, device based traffic, inbound and outbound web traffic, keyword positions in Google, cross promotion sales from your other group websites, cross promotion website traffic, social interactions, YouTube video views, YouTube videos watch time, quality leads generated through Marketing Funnel,ect. 

Create Tactics to Achieve Each of Those Goals

Tactics are nothing but specific Action Plans to achieve Short and Long-term Goals. The Action Plans specifically mention the type of approaches and activities to be pursued to achieve each one of your goals. Write down each Tactic to the end-detail and so specifically so that you can use it clearly and effectively. Because the tactics for Product A and Product B to achieve the same type of goal differs very much from each other. Likewise, different goals require different approaches and hence Action Plans and Tactics for each one of your Website or Product goals or different goals of the same Website or Product differ from each other. So, make each one of your Tactics unique to enable effective implementation of your Link Building process.

Create Great Ideas to Potentially Break through the Clutter

Tactics and strategies do not work if you do not venture into the digital marketing space without great ideas. Find great ideas that work and potentially break through the marketing clutter amid the myriad of products and content in the digital space. 

Choose Platforms Based on their Ability & Potential for Reach & Performance 

There are numerous platforms available on the internet. Their functions and performances differ and the very purpose of their creation also differs. Because of this, choose platforms according to your products and their specific Target Audience (TG) (TG). If you want to achieve your Short-term goals, you will have to choose platforms that have the potential to give results in the short run – for example, Snapchat and Tik Tok. You can use platforms like LinkedIn to reach and nurture professional audiences if you are looking to promote and sell technology solutions and macro projects that need content exposure and conversion for a pretty long time.

So, choose Platforms based on your strategic necessities and the Platforms’ ability to reach potential audiences and produce desirable results as per your Short-term and Long-term Goals. 

Define Target Audience (TG)s for Different Goals

You have to target your marketing messages to the right audiences so that you will be able to achieve your Short-term and Long-term Goals. Any promotion done without defining the Target Audience (TG) either for Short-term or Long-term Goals does not end up meaningfully. So, when you define your Target Audience (TG), define it with complete profile details and information required for your campaign such as age, gender, job function, location, interests, ideal time to reach them, etc., separately for each one of your websites and products. You can save these sets of audiences to save time for easy reference, multiple uses and future requirements. 

Identify & List the Right Outreaching Methods & Ad Formats

While you plan to reach your content and ads through different methods and platforms, you have to keep in mind the platforms and methods’ ability to reach the Target Audience (TG) in a timely manner so that you will be able to achieve your Short-term and Long-term Goals within your campaign schedules and time frames. It is not only about reaching them, it is more about reaching these audiences at the right time and giving them multiple exposure of your brand. So, devise the right content distribution pattern and ad formats and ensure you reach your audience as per the schedules of your strategy and achieve your Long-term and Short-term Goals. 

Find & Use Potential Partners & Guest Websites to Reach Niche Audiences

You have to spread out your content and extend its reach wide and deep to your potential audience to achieve your Long-term and Short-term goals. To get about this, you can use potential content exchanging partners and guest websites to reach out to narrow and Niche Audiences and create a telling impact on them. If these third-party websites have a huge follower base in your niche, field or industry, you can use those platforms and websites for reaching out to your Niche Audiences. 

Use the Most Suitable CTAs, Anchor Texts & Backlinking Web Pages

The use of Call-To-Actions (CTAs), Anchor Texts and Backlinking Web Pages determines what is called ‘All or Nothing’ for your Link Building activities. If you do not include or use right Call-To-Actions (CTAs), Anchor Texts and Backlinking Web Pages in your content, the users who are reading your content have nothing to act on or are not impressed to interact with your clickable links. So, you will not get any referral web traffic to your product web pages where you want your customers to land on. So, use the most suitable Call-To-Actions (CTAs), Anchor Texts and Backlinking Web Pages to earn link click-throughs and get traffic to your relevant web pages where conversions happen. 

Share Success Stories & Proof of Results

You can post the Success Stories of your various business situations that are inspiring and worthy of sharing and impress your audience. As you share them, do not make them look like self-boasting articles or story posts. Instead of trying to sell something overly through your Success Stories, just create them to share about your growth journey and how you could overcome challenges on the way up. Such subtle Stories will be getting more likes and interactions, and eventually build your brand trust that will eventually bring sales.

You can show Proof of Results as yet another success recipe to achieve your Long-term and Short-term Goals. Proof of Results act more as certificates that tell your potential Target Audiences (TG) to soon believe your products and services and let them give a try. To know our full range of Link Building & Web Marketing services, visit

Run Campaigns with High Level of Precision & Consistency

Campaigns that are run without accurate targeting and lack of promotional consistency may reach your Target Audiences but will not produce the expected results. These campaigns hit audiences only at the superficial level. On the other hand, those ads and content posts that are narrowly defined and promoted to the right audience will get quality responses from them. So, you should be careful about your ad and content publishing and distribution and ensure that you are reaching the right audiences so that you will be able to achieve your Long-term and Short-term Link Building Goals. 


Both Long-term and Short-term Link Building Goals can be achieved if and only if you act smartly. This being the case, you have to weigh in all the factors that affect and influence the achievement of your goals. Then, understanding all these factors well, you have to define, redefine and refine your activities and promotional tools, and move ahead to achieve your dream goals.