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Grasp Bond UV22DC80-1 is a nanosilica loaded, twin overcome epoxy based program. Nanosilica filled epoxy formulations are intended to even further improve general performance and processing homes.

The specific filler will engage in a important function in identifying essential parameters these types of as viscosity, flow, getting old characteristics, energy, shrinkage, hardness, and exotherm. As a dual curing system, UV22DC80-1 cures quickly upon exposure to UV light-weight, and will cross hyperlink in shadowed out regions when heat is added.

See Learn Bond’s UV22DC80-1 in Action

Dual cure programs are productive for quickly fixturing pieces with the UV portion of the overcome, and then concluding the approach by incorporating heat. Watch this video to see a twin cured epoxy in action.

This compound options exceptionally reduced shrinkage upon heal, remarkable dimensional steadiness, and resists abrasion. It is not oxygen inhibited. It withstands chemical substances this sort of as acids, bases, fuels and solvents. It is electrically insulative with a volume resistivity bigger than 1014 ohm-cm. It is optically very clear, with a refractive index of 1.52.

The small viscosity ranges from 500 cps to 3500 cps. The temperature serviceability extends from -100°F to 300°F. UV22DC80-1 bonds perfectly to metals, ceramics, glass, rubber, and lots of plastics. It passes NASA reduced outgassing certification and is utilised in large tech programs such as aerospace, optical and opto-electronics.

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