Google Pixel Buds 2 review: These AirPods competitors are the real deal

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When Google unveiled its new genuine wireless Pixel Buds 2 ($179) final Oct, they appeared like a big enhance around the first styles. The Pixel Buds, which debuted in 2017, experienced a wire between them and earned decidedly mixed critiques many thanks to their loopy Mentos-esque design and middling audio. But at the 2019 launch function for the new Buds, the prototype styles were not doing the job, so we were being remaining questioning how they sounded and carried out.


  • Enhanced match with stabilizing fin
  • Fingers-no cost Assistant and Translate characteristic
  • Extremely very good audio for genuine wireless
  • Excellent contact good quality
  • Pleasant charging scenario with wireless and USB-C charging
  • IPX4 sweat-resistant (splashproof)

Really don’t Like

  • No active sounds-canceling or transparency
  • Battery lifestyle just isn’t stellar at 5 hrs
  • Not really as at ease as some rivals
  • Excess capabilities do not get the job done with iOS equipment

A number of months on, I have gotten my arms on a pair and can solve the mystery: They audio really very good, perform nicely and are deserving contenders in the top quality genuine wireless earbuds arena, particularly for Android end users. (They officially hit outlets on Monday in white — black, mint and orange hues will get there later on. United kingdom and Australian charges are not nevertheless offered, but $179 converts to about £145 or AU$275.)

The Pixel Buds will arrive in 4 coloration alternatives, but at launch, only white will be offered.

David Carnoy/CNET

Of course, the wearable Mentos look has returned, but I like the way the stabilizing fin — Google calls it an “arc” — has been integrated into the design. With a minimal clockwise convert the buds (5.three grams or .19 ounces just about every) twist securely in position, hardly sticking out from my ears. Even though the first Pixel Buds experienced an open up design like the conventional AirPods, these have a sounds-isolating design, which implies the ear recommendations get jammed into your ears, sealing them off to the outdoors entire world. (It’s essential to get a limited seal to improve audio good quality.)

You do get first rate passive sounds muffling but these do not offer active sounds-canceling like the AirPods Pro, Sony WF-1000XM3, Sennheiser Momentum Legitimate Wi-fi 2 and an increasing amount of genuine wireless earbuds. Some of the Pixel Buds’ closest competitors would be the Galaxy Buds Plus ($a hundred and fifty) and the Jabra Elite 75t ($180). I did uncover these two styles a little bit more at ease to use around extended listening sessions and how you ultimately come to feel about the match will depend on the form of your ear. But the new Pixel Buds really should match most ears nicely.

The Mentos-formed buds do not stick out from your ears also far. 

David Carnoy/CNET

Aside from their enhanced design and match around the first Pixel Buds, a couple factors stand out. First, the fifty six.1-gram wireless charging scenario (with USB-C charging port) is truly nice. It’s compact, feels strong in your hand and has a smooth matte finish. I liked it far better than the AirPods’ scenario and it feels more top quality than Galaxy Buds Plus’ scenario. Also, the buds are easy to get in and out of it, adhering magnetically to their charging contacts.

These are also the to start with Google Assistant “hotword-enabled” earbuds. If you have an Android unit running Android 6. or far better, you can simply just say, “Hey, Google,” or, “Alright, Google,” and Google Assistant is completely ready to answer to your voice commands. The AirPods and Beats Powerbeats Pro have usually-on, arms-no cost Siri and Amazon’s Echo Buds have the same characteristic for Alexa.

With new audio programs-on-a-chip from Qualcomm, arms-no cost accessibility to digital assistants will arrive to more genuine wireless earbuds later on this year, but for now it’s rather unconventional. It labored really nicely with the Google Pixel 4 XL I was utilizing for this review, with Google Assistant responding quickly to my voice commands. (You can also accessibility Assistant by tapping and keeping the suitable or remaining earbud.)

Just after generating its debut in the first Pixel Buds, the Google Translate characteristic returns with the Pixel Buds 2. Again, this is an Android-only characteristic. You just tell Google Assistant to assistance you converse regardless of what language you want, with more than 40 languages supported. You tap and keep both earbud and start out talking in the language shown beneath the headset icon. Your phone then interprets and reads out loud what you mentioned into your chosen language. Just before the human being you might be speaking to speaks, tap the suitable microphone in Google Translate and their response will be translated into your language and performed again as a result of the Pixel Buds. It performs incredibly nicely, particularly in quieter environments, though the human being you might be speaking to has to hear to your translated language as a result of your phone’s speakers, which have their quantity restrictions.

The Pixel Buds 2 are splash-resistant and can be employed for running.

David Carnoy/CNET

Even though I believed the Pixel Buds 2’s audio good quality was really very good — more on that in a moment — they carried out truly nicely as a headset for generating calls. I am now not in New York, the place I typically take a look at out contact good quality, but I produced some calls and performed New York Town road sounds (by way of YouTube) in the qualifications as I conversed. I put the quantity rather far up on a established of smaller speakers and callers were being amazed by how minimal sounds they read about me, though some leaked in when I talked. Google states that “two beamforming mics target on your voice, though voice accelerometers detect jaw movement to know when you might be speaking.” The sounds reduction is really helpful. The Pixel Buds 2 are suitable there with the very best earbuds for generating calls. 

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You will find an app for non-Pixel Android equipment — with Pixel phones it’s integrated into the procedure — but no app for iOS equipment, which is also terrible. You can even now use these with iPhones and Macs like conventional Bluetooth headphones, but you eliminate extra capabilities like the usually-on Google Assistant.

As I mentioned, there’s no sounds-canceling. Alternatively, there’s an adaptive audio manner that mechanically adjusts the quantity to the setting you might be in. I failed to see a transparency manner, but there’s some venting in the earbuds that retains you from experience also occluded and enables you to hear your voice in the buds when you might be generating a phone contact (Google calls it a “spatial vent for in-ear strain reduction and spatial recognition.”) It’s not a full-on sidetone characteristic, though I’d contact it sidetone lite. Observe that a minimal audio does leak out of the buds when you truly crank your tunes, so you most likely do not want to participate in these at significant volumes in a tranquil home with persons sitting down nearby. 

Twin IR proximity sensors detect when the buds are in your ears and mechanically pause your audio when you pull one out of your ear and resume when you put it again in. You can also use one bud independently of the other (if you want to go the single-bud route for calls). And it’s also truly worth noting that I paired the buds to a number of equipment, but I experienced to manually pick out the earlier unit from its Bluetooth menu if I required to go again to it. Google states the Pixel Buds 2 will retailer pairings with up to six equipment. You will find a pairing button on the scenario, as there is with the AirPods.

The match properly in the wireless charging scenario.

David Carnoy/CNET

Like the AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Plus, these have an IPX4 h2o-resistance rating, which implies they’re splashproof and sweat-resistant. I ran with them without the need of a issue and I believed the contact controls were being responsive and labored extremely nicely. A swipe characteristic enables you to manage quantity from the buds them selves.

Besides for a insignificant Bluetooth glitch or two, my wireless connection remained rock strong and I was ready to wander rather far from my phone (more than the normal ten meters) before dropping the connection. The buds use Bluetooth 5., and I failed to recognize any audio lag when viewing video clips from streaming expert services like YouTube and Netflix.   

Battery lifestyle is very similar to that of the AirPods and AirPods Pro — 5 hrs, moreover an further 19 hrs from the scenario (a ten-moment charge in the scenario gives you two hrs of battery lifestyle, Google states). The Galaxy Buds Plus can deliver up to eleven hrs at moderate quantity degrees. It’s unclear how substantially the effect the usually-on Google Assistant has on battery lifestyle, even so. 

These have “tailor made-developed” 12mm dynamic motorists, and, as I mentioned, they audio extremely very good for genuine wireless, with nicely-described bass and very good clarity. They are suitable there with the Galaxy Buds Plus and Jabra Elite 75t with about the same bass efficiency or (it may well be a contact fewer plump, depending on the seal you get from the bundled ear recommendations, which arrive in 3 dimensions). The AirPods Pro audio a little bit more open up but the Pixel Buds 2 are a minimal more detailed. I failed to see any way to adjust the bass and treble degrees in the configurations on the Pixel 4 or in the Android app. 

For audio, these do not rise to the stage of the prime sounding genuine wireless earbuds, which consist of the Sony WF-1000XM3 and Sennheiser Momentum Legitimate Wi-fi 2. That mentioned, both of these are more costly, particularly the $three hundred Sennheiser, which provides richer, more refined audio with a even larger soundstage. For example, listening to Red Hearse’s self-titled track with the Sennheiser, the bass goes deeper and there’s a minimal more sparkle in the treble. The audio from Momentum Legitimate Wi-fi 2 just feels even larger and more immersive.

For far better or worse, when it arrives to audio, occasionally it helps to examine a headphone to the prime styles to hear what you might be lacking. But if you were being just utilizing the Pixel Buds 2 without the need of listening to just about anything else, most persons would be really delighted with the audio. 

In the close, Google last but not least has a established of wireless earbuds that are deserving contenders. They are a minimal more costly than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which are most likely the far better benefit — they get discounted $ten or $20 on situation — but the Pixel Buds 2 are a strong all-about package deal with some distinguishing capabilities and outstanding contact good quality.