Expand the human experience through new sensory perceptions

Create applications on any BLE-enabled platform, no matter if it is a mobile telephone or an Arduino to stream and encode sensory details on Buzz. No matter if you want to experience sensor info about the health of your beehives, sense the temperature of encompassing objects, or feel satellites traveling overhead, the sky’s not even the restrict!

Increase Edge Impulse’s platform into the combine to build even extra impressive experiences that leverage machine learning—opening the means to earn the Edge Impulse prize and giving yourself an “edge” for the grand prize.

Crafted upon the neuroscientific rules of sensory substitution and augmentation, Buzz is a wristband built for producing new senses by encoding info streams via four vibration actuators in small-latency true-time.

Out of the box, Buzz operates an algorithm for changing seem from the environment to a vibrational representation all over the wrist applying a crafted-in microphone—an application principally valuable for those people who are deaf, those people who want to keep acoustic environmental recognition when donning listening to protection or headphones, and further than.

More importantly, Buzz makes it easy for builders who want to make their very own sensory augmentation applications via the wristband. By leveraging a simple API and SDKs, developers can easily control the four vibrational models on Buzz in true-time through any linked gadget with Bluetooth Minimal Energy—whether it is a mobile telephone or Arduino.

Submissions to this Obstacle ought to be been given by 11:59PM PT, January fifteen, 2021.

Resource: Hackster.io