A circular wheeled robot sits on a white background. There is a green tank of butane/propane in the center surrounded by wires and electronics.

If you’ve ever believed that your ground cleaning robot taking in the fringe on your rug was not harmful enough, [Kyle Brinkerhoff] is operating on a option — Doomba.

This blazingly quickly RC car or truck has a tank of butane/propane gas nestled snugly amid its electronics and travel system to fuel a (not nevertheless applied) flamethrower. Watching how speedily this tiny bot can shift in the video clip down below absolutely produced our hearts race with anticipation for the inescapable fireworks glory of concluded develop. Twin motors and a tank-model push make sure that this firebug will be in a position to maneuver all around any obstacle.

As of writing, the flamethrower and an up-to-date carriage for the drivetrain are underway. Evidently, spinning quite swiftly in circles can be just as disorienting for robots as it is for us biological beings. All through the exam proven down below, the robotic kicked out one particular of its generate motors. [Kyle] states the final contact will be placing the whole assembly inside an precise Roomba shell for that reliable search.

With spooky season upon us, it is always very good to have the cleansing electric power of fire at hand in circumstance you come across much more than you bargained for with your Ghost-Searching PKE Meter. Though there is no sign whether or not Doomba can essentially run DOOM, you could be intrigued in this other Doomba Undertaking that uses Roomba’s maps of your household to generate concentrations for the iconic shooter.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=kwwVsCARtzs

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