Data storytelling a key part of Yellowfin analytics platform

Yellowfin was a single of the initial organization intelligence sellers to increase info storytelling capabilities to its system, and now Yellowfin is making an attempt to increase the reach of analytics to far more consumers with its narratives.

Details storytelling is mechanically generated interpretation of info set in a narrative kind fairly than a straight analysis, to make it simpler to recognize and digest. Specified the easy-to-recognize format, some tech observers feel the engineering has the prospective to revolutionize analytics extending its reach within just an corporation from an believed twenty% to 40% of workers to approximately all of them.

Yellowfin, founded in 2003 and is based mostly in Melbourne, Australia, initial introduced Yellowfin Stories, its info storytelling resource, in 2018. As section of Yellowfin 9.4 in December 2020, the seller extra capabilities that will enable the narratives developed by Stories to reach a broader swath of conclusion consumers by embedding them anywhere consumers are doing work.

By increasing its JavaScript application programming interface (API) to consist of aid for Yellowfin Stories, application builders can now embed analytics narratives for use on a web site page, intranet portal or world-wide-web application so they can be far more easily shared and broadly absorbed within just an corporation.

“Our perspective of the world is we want all of our customers to use our solution, but not essentially within just our solution setting,” reported Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin. “The JavaScript API lets our customers to embed Yellowfin Stories anywhere. For us, it truly is about enabling businesses to select how they choose analytics into their inside workforce or to their external customers and partners.”

In the meantime, Mike Leone, a senior analyst at Business System Group (ESG) reported the expansion of Yellowfin’s JavaScript API to consist of aid for Yellowfin Stories is a significant advancement for the vendor’s system. The platform’s past update also showcased expansion of its JavaScript API, but it did not increase to Stories.

“Increasing the JavaScript API to aid Yellowfin Stories is huge,” Leone reported. “Not only does this even more the embeddable capabilities of the system, but it permits builders to far more fast present conclusion consumers access to what they treatment about in a simplified fashion through world-wide-web programs.”

Sample Yellowfin dashboards display screen how an corporation can visually examine its info.

The story of Stories

Though other broad-based mostly BI sellers now present info storytelling features — Tableau presents Describe Details and Microsoft Electric power BI now features Wise Narrative, for case in point — at the time Yellowfin extra Stories to its analytics system only sellers these types of as Narrative Science that focus in info storytelling experienced these types of narrative capabilities.

In accordance to Rabie, the notion for Stories started off when he identified himself getting to describe dashboards and charts in the course of board meetings. He was having the charts and dashboards he developed in Yellowfin, then relocating the information and facts into a Term document and typing up an rationalization much as he did when he was a info analyst.

“I thought, ‘This is absolutely crazy,’ and requested why we had been accomplishing it that way,” Rabie reported. “It was nonsensical.”

Increasing the JavaScript API to aid Yellowfin Stories is huge. Not only does this even more the embeddable capabilities of the system, but it permits builders to far more fast present conclusion consumers access to what they treatment about in a simplified fashion through world-wide-web programs.
Mike LeoneSenior analyst, Business System Group

Recognizing that if he was functioning that way, in all probability most businesses had been functioning in a identical way. And from there, Yellowfin crafted Stories.

“It fundamentally is about the narrative and not about the info,” Rabie reported. “The info supports the narrative. BI sellers traditionally weren’t conversing about the ideal point when they talked about info storytelling. They had been creating a great deal of charts and hoping that would convey to the story, but the reality is persons convey to the story.”

Narratives, meanwhile, are a far more natural way for individuals to soak up information and facts than the uncomplicated shipping and delivery of information and facts.

Not all Yellowfin’s customers choose advantage of Stories, but Rabie reported the feature’s most regular application is when the reporting is supposed for senior management and that lots of customers — which includes Australia’s Nationwide Health Services — no lengthier use Yellowfin’s dashboards for their management reporting and rather use Stories.

“They use dashboards for operational applications, but for their management staff they use Stories,” Rabie reported.

The capabilities of Stories, meanwhile, have not improved significantly considering the fact that it was initial introduced.

It was constantly meant to be easy to use, Rabie reported, and its supposed audience is organization consumers fairly than info analysts. As updates have been produced, their intent has been to simplify and streamline the skill to develop content material in Stories and, knowledge that enterprises frequently use far more than a single BI system, increase the skill to embed studies from other sellers into a story.

Upcoming, as section of an all round system focus on natural language query in 2021, Rabie reported Yellowfin plans to increase a really guided natural language query resource (NLQ) to Stories that will enable consumers to basically form a concern that will then develop into section of the story.

Modern update

Though Yellowfin’s expansion of its JavaScript API was possibly the most noteworthy enhance in Yellowfin 9.4, it was not the sole characteristic of the update.

In all, Yellowfin 9.4 showcased thirteen new equipment and upgrades, which includes:

  • an Export to PDF enhance that features far more than twenty display screen, font and fashion fixes, an choice to mechanically e-mail PDF exports when concluded and an choice to conserve narratives generated in Stories to PDF so consumers can share their analysis outdoors the Yellowfin analytics system
  • a Share Stories everywhere function that permits consumers to share their Stories outdoors the Yellowfin system
  • a new Tremendous Consumer function that permits process directors to regulate any user’s community and private content material to make positive content material is available and usable even if its creator leaves the corporation or alterations roles and
  • new aid for the two Amazon Redshift and Oracle databases that enable consumers to query information directly from Amazon and enhance the basic safety and safety of the link among Yellowfin and Oracle.

Rabie termed the update significant. Leone, meanwhile, reported it demonstrates how Yellowfin proceeds to focus on the demands of its customers, enabling it to keep on being a single of the far more vibrant BI platforms on the sector.

“Though Yellowfin proceeds to be found as a specialized niche BI player, they continuously punch above their weight,” he reported. “They continue on to enrich their system in a way that align with what their customers want. As customers appear to broaden info access, Yellowfin is capable to test the bins that make any difference to businesses as they continue on down a path of info use maturity.”

Outside of its focus on NLQ in 2021 — which will be a system-large initiative and not just similar to Stories — Rabie reported the Yellowfin roadmap features an ongoing work to simplify its user interface.

By lowering the amount of clicks to get responsibilities accomplished, the seller hopes that far more consumers will be capable to choose advantage of analytics. In addition, a target of simplifying the user interface is to enable organization analysts to choose advantage of far more of the whole system.

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