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Cosmo Communicator review: The PDA/smartphone rides again Review

The Cosmo Communicator is World Computers’ 2nd endeavor to reinvent the considerably-loved Psion Collection 5 for the smartphone age in an Android/Linux incarnation. Its clamshell form component includes a slide-out keyboard, and some capabilities are manageable devoid of the need to have to open up the unit. It is an thought that has created a ton of notice, but does this £665.83 (ex. VAT, or £799 inc. VAT) handheld computer system/smartphone have a place in your tech armoury?

Time was when smartphones with keyboards were being a thing. There were being slide-outs, hinged lids, and whole frontal (Blackberry-style) keyboards. Just before that there was the Psion Collection 5 (and some more compact variants also), with a hinged lid shielding a monochrome display screen and a slide-out keyboard that was just earth class. Mobile comms was not built-in into the Collection 5, but it was an awesome very little computer system. I made use of just one for a lengthy time as a pocket-sized crafting machine. It was not just me: the Collection 5 was iconic.

Many tries have been made to resurrect the Psion Collection 5, and the most modern have arrive from World Computers. The British isles firm’s first shot, the Gemini PDA, was intriguing but had its disadvantages. The Cosmo Communicator moves the thought on, importantly like functionality into the lid, which is a serious improve to usability. 

The Cosmo Communicator is World Computers’ 2nd stab at re-imagining the 1997 Psion Collection 5 for the smartphone period. It runs Android 9 and Linux (in due course) on a MediaTek Helio P70 chipset with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of inside storage (expandable by way of MicroSD).

Photos: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

This is a massive beast in contrast to a regular smartphone. The footprint — 171mm lengthy and 79.3mm deep — is comparable to that of a huge-display screen (6.5-inch) smartphone, but it really is a fantastic offer thicker. The Cosmo Communicator actions 17.3m thick at its thickest stage, which is the a little raised centre of the lid. It is a weighty unit also, at 326g. 


The again of the lid area is house to a 24MP digital camera, a one.ninety one-inch AMOLED touch display screen and a fingerprint reader/touchpad.

Picture: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

Wherever the Gemini PDA had a featureless lid, the Cosmo Communicator has a fingerprint sensor, a 24MP digital camera with flash and a one.ninety one-inch AMOLED touch display screen. The latter is vital to the device’s usability. With the Gemini PDA it was vital to open up the clamshell to do rather considerably everything. Here, the display screen gives facts and caters for some interaction. For case in point, it will demonstrate a notification when a text comes in, and you can then faucet the display screen to dismiss it or initiate a response — you have to open up the clam to actually style a reply, but when you do so you’re taken proper to the SMS app.

Incoming email messages are shown right here also, and though you can only see the beginning of a concept, it could be plenty of to stimulate you to open up up and reply — all over again, when you do open up the clam, the suitable app is proper in entrance of you making the course of action of responding as speedy and seamless as doable.

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Much more than that, there is a standard menu on the entrance display screen. The fingerprint sensor is incorporated in a modest touch pad. A single push of the pad phone calls up the principal entrance display screen, exhibiting time and date, and a number of method icons (Bluetooth, battery, wi-fi and SIM status). Tapping the pad opens another display screen exhibiting modern phone calls, and it really is effortless to simply call a quantity on the record with a faucet. Tiny icons let you to entry contacts and a dialpad so you can initiate new phone calls, and when in a simply call there are tappable icons for things like speaker method, muting and adding contacts into a simply call.

A even further display screen receives you into a menu of eight shortcuts to attributes like digital camera, video, torch, electric power and settings for the little entrance display screen — you can transform its orientation and brightness for case in point, and even let it to auto rotate. 

This entrance display screen is superbly functional and its presence right here offers a massive improve to usability in contrast to the Gemini PDA. Real, the various interactive icons can be incredibly modest, but it really is responsive and I identified myself happily dismissing text messages and getting voice phone calls devoid of opening up the unit. 

Open up up the clamshell and a whole QWERTY keyboard slides in direction of you. This is the coronary heart of the Cosmo Communicator, and its resemblance to the outdated Psion Collection 5 is no coincidence. In fact, the designer of the initial Collection 5 keyboard, Martin Riddiford, had a hand in its development. The Cosmo Communicator’s backlit keyboard has a softer, a lot less definite truly feel than the Psion Collection 5’s, but the similarities are obvious.

I identified that some keys failed to register with my usual mild touch, and I had to modify my pace and typing action a little to compensate. But nevertheless, I was equipped to touch style at about seventy five % of my usual pace, which is superior likely for this kind of a modest keyboard.

The keyboard intended I could use the Cosmo Communicator for severe doc development — this evaluation was created on it, for case in point. I labored on crafting projects though out and about, although I had to be at a table as thumb-typing though standing with the unit opened up or hoping to relaxation it on my knees were being each unsatisfactory. Having said that, I would consider the Cosmo Communicator into conferences to generate notes in choice to my laptop. It would not be my continual typing unit, but it would be the proper fit for some events.


The principal display screen, with the program equivalent of the Psion Collection 5’s components menu bar at the base.

Picture: Sandra Vogel/ZNet

The Cosmo Communicator’s principal 5.9-inch 2,one hundred sixty-by-one,080-pixel display screen is developed primarily to be made use of in landscape method, but it will rotate into portrait method to accommodate the fact that Android applications are, by and huge, developed to be made use of in this orientation. Having said that, holding this unit with the display screen in portrait method is awkward and unwieldy.

The Cosmo Communicator runs Android 9 with a Cosmo overlay that includes a quantity of bespoke applications. LEDIson was shipped with the initial Gemini PDA and allowed callers and notifications to be identified via a series of configurable LED lights on the unit. It is right here all over again, even nevertheless it really is redundant mainly because the entrance display screen tells you who is contacting, texting, emailing and so on.


Agenda was the Psion Collection 5’s killer app, and World Computers has accomplished a superior occupation of recreating it.

Picture: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

Pre-mounted third social gathering applications include Word, Excel and Skype, all of which are fairly additional useful. In its own program suite, World Computers has also long gone to fantastic pains to reproduce arguably the killer app of the Psion Collection 5: Agenda. This diary app provided a clean presentation of my weekly diary, synced from Google Calendar, and also has outstanding yr planner and regular monthly free/occupied views. I also speedily grew to become a supporter of the Notes app, which can seize text, photographs, films and voice recordings.


The Cosmo Communicator’s Notes app.

Picture: Sandra Vogel/ZDNet

Tapping the vital to the left of the space bar phone calls up a program menu bar that emulates the components-centered bar on the initial Psion Collection 5, offering rapid entry to a selection of applications. It is arguably needless provided the tappable app shortcuts, but is however a wonderful bespoke function.

The Cosmo Communicator runs on a MediaTek Helio P70 chipset with 6GB of RAM. This system delivered average Geekbench 5 scores of 296 (single main) and 1471 (multi-main), which are distinctly middle of the street.

You could truly feel that 128GB of inside storage is not plenty of, thinking about that 13GB of this is made use of by the method alone. There is a MicroSD card slot for external storage, but employing that rules out the device’s 2nd SIM slot. That is a shame, although the unit does also assistance eSIMs. At the very least the SIM caddy is available on just one of the quick edges of the lid area with the Gemini PDA you had to remove the leading of the lid area to get at the  SIM slot.

Bluetooth 5, GPS, NFC and 802.11ac wi-fi — the NFC zone is on the lid. There is a 3.5mm headset jack, a USB-C charge slot and a 2nd USB-C port for attaching a selection of peripherals. Components include a USB-C-to-HDMI cable (£39.ninety eight inc. VAT) and a USB-C Hub with two USB 3. ports, a USB-C connector and an Ethernet port (£44.99 inc. VAT).

Connectivity is a vital ingredient of the Cosmo Communicator’s functionality. It supports Debian Linux, and if you are so inclined the unit can be related to a monitor and an external keyboard and made use of like a Personal computer. Well, in theory. In fact, Linux assistance was not implemented at the time of crafting — observe the assistance webpages if you’re intrigued in this aspect of the unit. 

The Cosmo Communicator has two cameras: an outward-experiencing 24MP digital camera, and a 5MP digital camera to the leading left of the principal display screen. The inside digital camera functions great for video contacting, though the principal digital camera is Okay for taking pictures standard pictures, but there’s very little in the way of sophistication right here. If you need to have additional than the basics, appear somewhere else. 

On paper, the four,220mAh battery must provide at the very least a day’s use, but in practice battery daily life was disappointing. The Personal computer Mark battery examination noted just 6 several hours and 13 minutes, and through testing I made use of 50% of a whole battery in about a few several hours of typing on a number of events. If you’re severe about employing the Cosmo Communicator for everyday productiveness, you can need to have to appear out for charging details through the working day.


Picture: World Computers


The Cosmo Communicator is another intriguing unit from World Computers, and unquestionably an advance on its Gemini PDA predecessor. When the Linux capacity becomes readily available, it will have even increased appeal. Having somewhat speedy keyboard input readily available on this kind of a modest unit is incredibly desirable, and the bespoke applications are properly developed and effectively realised. The Cosmo Communicator could even change a laptop for some or all of the time, at the very least for some people today.

Having said that, £799 (inc. VAT) buys you a decent laptop, and huge-display screen smartphones can be coupled with folding Bluetooth keyboards. This usually means that the Cosmo Communicator may well struggle to get traction outdoors a somewhat modest niche, until World Computers can locate a way to decrease the selling price tag.

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