Concurnas language taps JVM for high-performance apps

The Java Digital Machine is getting a new language, named Concurnas, which is a totally free, open resource, compiled programming language positioned for use in setting up high-efficiency, distributed programs.

Emphasizing concurrency and parallelism, Concurnas is statically typed and garbage-collected, and it takes advantage of style inference. Concurnas code is said to be frequently indistinguishable from Python whilst featuring efficiency akin to Java.

Concurnas supports essential computing constructs this kind of as for loops, whilst loops, assertions, and exceptions. Its concurrency model permits developers to create concurrent code with no wearisome boilerplate for handling threads, crucial sections, or locks.

Other capabilities of Concurnas consist of:

  • Item orientation, with sophisticated aid for courses which includes summary, concrete, and inheritance as properly as capabilities which includes generics, enumerations, and annotations. Tuples, object suppliers, and use-dependent generic style inference are supported. 
  • Aid for GPU computing, with developers ready to create idiomatic Concurnas code and operate it on the GPU with no require to change to C/C++.
  • Reactive programming aid, featuring the means to create code that will respond automatically to changes in input parameters. 
  • Off-heap memory capabilities, for interacting with non-heap-managed, non-garbage-collected memory. This aids in doing work with huge data, custom databases, and GPUs.
  • Null safety.
  • A concise syntax.

In enhancement for a few years, Concurnas has a standalone compiler and a REPL (browse-eval-print loop) shell. Concurnas can be utilised in a Jupyter notebook and in the Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Elegant Text editors.