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Apple’s MacBooks could be tougher and more water-resistant in the future

Apple’s MacBooks could use an impressive plastic and metal development in the upcoming to make gadgets which are improved built and extra robust, and also supply improved levels of protection against spills.

In accordance to a just lately granted patent released by the US Patent and Trademark Business and spotted by Patently Apple, the MacBook maker is operating on a process whereby plastic is bonded to metal to build one thing more robust and extra durable than an all-metal laptop.

Apple’s patent also observes that these types of a development would suggest less holes and openings in the chassis, which could suggest that the resulting laptop features a extra robust level of h2o-resistance to boot.

(Impression credit history: Patently Apple / Apple)

It would seem to be there are some significant benefits in this development method, then, and while the illustrations presented with the patent demonstrate not just a MacBook but also a telephone, this is one thing that is likely less likely to use to an Apple iphone. That’s for the reason that Apple is sticking with employing glass for the latter in phrases of improved facilitating wi-fi charging.

This tech might not even use to Apple’s upcoming MacBooks however – keep in mind that this is just a patent, and absolutely nothing extra than that ideal now. It’s usually possible that it might be a extra speculative filing, or that it may possibly by no means get previous the analysis or prototyping phases.

Slimmer nonetheless?

However, the prospect of a very durable MacBook which could improved cope with knocks and getting dropped is naturally an enticing prospect, and if Apple is organizing on earning thinner-nonetheless notebooks, this form of development could assist with ensuring that these types of gadgets continue being robust sufficient even with their slight establish.

As ever, we’ll just have to wait and see if this idea is realized down the line. The same goes for one more MacBook notion Apple extremely just lately patented, namely a new form of retractable keyboard which could be one more section of the puzzle when it will come to even slimmer laptops.

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