AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS laptop CPU blows away its predecessor

AMD recently uncovered its ‘Cezanne’ laptop CPUs (7nm mobile chips crafted on Zen 3 architecture) at CES 2021, and a leaked benchmark for the Ryzen nine 5980HS (a single of the leading chips, together with the HX product) implies that it could be a little something really specific.

In point, AMD’s eight-main (16-thread) 5980HS, which was spotted in an Asus ROG Circulation X13 notebook, as Wccftech reviews, managed to attain Geekbench single-main and multi-main scores of one,541 and eight,224, as found on Twitter.

The chip was running at an common strengthen of 4.5GHz (its official specs are a 3GHz foundation clock with a optimum 4.8GHz strengthen).

That final result, assuming it is a genuine benchmark of class, implies that the 5980HS is forty one% more quickly in single-main in contrast to the outgoing 4900HS, a quite remarkable general performance leap – and it is seventeen% more quickly in multi-main as perfectly.

Really serious threat

As AMD produced crystal clear in its CES launch, we can assume some outstanding gaming general performance from Ryzen 5000 HS designs, and electric power intake pegged at 35W. The switch to Zen 3 – as found with Ryzen 5000 desktop designs – presents a significant uplift in IPC (guidelines for each clock) general performance with the new architecture.

Battery life will seemingly be a potent go well with as perfectly, with AMD asserting that the Ryzen 7 5800U will be fantastic for up to seventeen.5 several hours of longevity with standard usage (and in excess of twenty several hours for movie playback, seemingly).

In small, the a lot more we hear about these incoming Cezanne laptop chips, the a lot more it appears like Intel should be worried about the threat they pose. It shouldn’t be much too long before we commence seeing the initially laptops using these Ryzen 5000 mobile chips getting introduced.