Streaming Tv continues to mature in acceptance, with new expert services and solutions every day, and to keep up most of the significant device makers launched new goods in the previous yr you can hook to any Tv. Roku has the new Streambar and the Roku Categorical 4K Additionally, Google has the Chromecast with Google Tv and Amazon has its cheapest streamer however: the $thirty Hearth Adhere Tv Lite. Amazon also sells the $40 Hearth Tv Adhere, the topic of this overview. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Distant delivers Alexa voice and Tv handle
  • Huge range of streaming apps
  • Integrates effectively with Echo speakers

You should not Like

  • The less costly Lite is a much better price
  • The stage-up 4K stick is much better for 4K TVs
  • More intricate menus than Roku

Like some of its opponents the $40 Hearth Stick’s remote has buttons for volume, mute and ability, making it possible for you to handle individuals capabilities on your Tv — and it’s possible ditch your Tv remote. Those remote buttons are the only authentic difference among the $thirty Adhere Lite and the $40 Adhere, so you’re generally shelling out $10 for Tv handle.

The $40 Adhere (2020) is the Hd-only middle boy or girl among the less costly Lite and the much more capable Hearth Tv Adhere 4K , and equally of individuals are much better alternatives over-all. Certainly, that Tv handle is great, and the Hearth Adhere does delivers a ton for your $40, including integration with existing Echo devices a fine range of apps (it now has both HBO Max and Peacock) and a slick interface. But Hearth Tv even now pushes its Key Video retailer in research results, and the residence monitor can be a very little as well active for persons who know what they want to watch. At the similar price tag the Roku Categorical 4K Additionally delivers much better capabilities and price, and for $10 considerably less the Lite is an unbeatable offer.

What is it?


Sarah Tew/CNET

Hearth Tv Sticks are USB stick-sized devices that plug into a spare HDMI port on your Tv. They stream audio and online video written content from dozens of distinctive apps more than your Wi-Fi link. Although any individual can use a single of these devices, staying an Amazon Key subscriber will allow you to watch extra programming.

The remote itself has not physically altered a great deal since the first Hearth Tv was introduced, and it lacks the premium feel of the Roku remote or Google’s new remote. The new Hearth Adhere remote does insert the means to handle your Tv volume, while it lacks the shortcuts to Netflix or other frequently-used expert services. Placing the remote up with a Tv takes about thirty seconds and it can even handle a receiver (I used it with a Sony Tv and an Onkyo receiver devoid of difficulty).


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Together with the Hearth Tv Lite, these are the first devices we’ve noticed to give HDR but not 4K resolution, and it raises the concern of what form of Tv it truly is created for. There are hundreds of 4K HDR TVs out there but I tried performing a research for 1080p TVs that can do HDR on Ideal Buy’s website and found only four. For most persons with 4K HDR TVs, we would suggest having a streamer that can actually do 4K as a substitute of a 1080p streamer like the Adhere.

The stick comes with a ability adapter and Amazon strongly suggests you use this. Although you could use the USB ports on your Tv to ability the device, it indicates the unit could behave unusually. For case in point, Dolby Atmos written content would not do the job at all when the unit was plugged into a Tv USB port, irrespective of the device declaring it was outputting “Dolby Atmos” — the audio came out as 

A lot of streaming apps


The Hearth Tv athletics (get it?) dozens of streaming apps.

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Like other streaming devices the range of expert services that Amazon Hearth Tv supports is improving all the time. It can access almost all of the significant streaming apps, including Amazon Key Video, Netflix, Hulu, Sling Tv, Crackle, Pluto Tv, Tubi Tv, Amazon Tunes, Pandora, Spotify and numerous, numerous much more. The Hearth Tv platform now delivers equally HBO Max and Peacock bringing it in line with Roku and Chromecast with Google Tv.  

What it truly is like to use

With only a couple of tiny capabilities to individual them — and the sticks even have the similar S3L46N model range — the Hearth Tv and Hearth Tv Lite behaved almost identically in my assessments. Equally give a healthier complement of capabilities, tightly integrated voice instructions and relative fast response periods. 

Utilizing the Hearth Tv Adhere remote is quick, and Alexa searches with the microphone button ended up much more responsive and applicable than applying the Echo as a go-among. In contrast, Roku may not have the similar robust voice capabilities, but textual content searches by using the Roku remote are usually much more focused toward free or integrated applications fairly than simply “buy now” hyperlinks.  


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When it comes to person interfaces there are two distinctive schools of imagined: Application-centric menus like the Roku and Apple Tv ones just clearly show you a grid of apps, so you cannot actually browse for a thing to watch devoid of clicking through to every single app. Amazon Hearth Tv and Google Tv consider a much more written content-focused technique, surfacing plenty of titles on the residence site itself. 

If you like to graze for written content, the Hearth Tv may be much more desirable, If you know what you want already, or at the very least what app you want to watch, a Roku is possibly a much better decision, in aspect simply because Amazon’s research results skews intensely toward its very own (frequently person-pays-excess) written content. 

Picture and audio quality ended up very similar among the Lite and the Hearth Adhere, and picture quality was as fantastic as I might expect. On paper there is certainly a difference in Atmos audio support: The Adhere delivers Dolby Atmos audio decoding whilst the Lite has Dolby Atmos move-through. The useful difference among them is negligible, nevertheless, simply because an Atmos-capable receiver or soundbar is desired in equally conditions to listen to Atmos audio. Whether the stick or the receiver does the decoding will not truly matter. 

Also, in my testing I’ve found numerous expert services — including Key Video and Disney Additionally — require a 4K Tv for Atmos to do the job anyway. In shorter, I really don’t take into consideration this feature difference a significant offer simply because most persons with decent Atmos setups ought to (the moment once again) be applying a bona fide 4K streamer.

Should really you buy it?

If you’re in the marketplace for a new $thirty or $40 streamer it comes down to a decision among Hearth TV’s written content-first technique versus Roku app-first a single. If you’re familiar with Roku’s straightforward menu style and design the range of tiles and solutions on the Hearth Tv Stick’s residence site can be overwhelming.

If you already have a Hearth Adhere, there is certainly totally no rationale for you to buy the 2020 version. Dolby Atmos and HDR are unusual insert-ons for 1080p devices, and if Amazon needed to give a thing distinctive at the price tag it ought to have integrated entire 4K support. As it is, if you have a decent 4K Tv then you ought to get a authentic 4K streamer like the Roku Categorical 4K Additionally. And if you want to preserve dollars, go with the Hearth Tv Lite.

1st revealed Oct. 8 2020, updated June 2021 with addition of Peacock.