5 Signs that You Need To Move to VPS Hosting

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Changing your web hosting plan is not an easy decision to make. While there are times when you need to move to a different hosting service, you must ensure that you assess the hosting requirements of your website carefully before making the decision. Today, we will be focusing on VPS Hosting services and talk about five tell-tale signs that indicate that you must move to VPS Hosting.

1. A steady increase in the number of site visitors

One of the main reasons to move to VPS Hosting is when you start experiencing a regular increase in the number of site visitors. VPS Hosting plans are a perfect fit for high-traffic websites. Hence, if Google Analytics and data from your hosting control panel suggest that your current hosting plan is unable to manage your growing visitor-base, then moving to a VPS Hosting plan makes sense.

2. Your Site requires better Security

Not all threats manifest into server crashes or system downtimes. There are several security concerns like malware that could be running in the background, even as you read this article. If you notice that your website is not getting the secured hosting environment it needs, then talk to your hosting provider and check if he can improve the security protocols. If the issue lies with the type of hosting service, then you might want to consider VPS Hosting since it is designed to be more secure than traditional hosting services.

3. You need to install custom software regularly

To install custom software, you need access to the root directory along with adequate permissions. If your website requires you to install custom software regularly, then migrating to VPS Hosting can be ideal for you since these services offer complete root access that enables you to customize the hosting environment as per your requirements.

4.  Managing traffic spikes is getting difficult

Managing unpredictable traffic spikes requires a hosting service that allows you to scale the resources up or down as required. If your current hosting plan is unsuccessful in managing traffic spikes, then you might want to consider VPS Hosting and benefit from its resource scalability feature.

5. You need better support from the hosting provider

As your business grows and the complexity of your website increases, you need a hosting provider that can offer technical support around the clock. If your current hosting provider is unable to meet your requirements, then you might want to research the market and look for Managed VPS plans that offer a dedicated support team available to assist you 24×7.

Summing Up

 VPS Hosting plans offer a wide range of benefits. However, before you get swayed by these features and decide to move to VPS Hosting, we would recommend that you assess the hosting requirements of your site and consider all aspects. We hope that this article helps you make the right decision. Do share your views with us in the comments below!