12 Best Travel Coffee Mugs: Insulated, Steel, Thermal

When the Sunshine struggles to increase above the horizon by nine am and sets at the stroke of 4 pm, when every section of your system is either swaddled in wool or chapped and frozen—that, my good friends, is when coffee is the only gas capable of powering you by your day. This winter, I’ve been consuming all my drinks, from coffee and h2o to the occasional beer, exclusively out of some of the best vacation mugs you can obtain. Underneath are my best picks for vacuum-insulated, multipurpose coffee and beverage mugs. They will all do a stellar work of maintaining your joe piping hot (or freezing cold when the temperature at last breaks).

Up to date February 2020: We have included four new vessels and swapped out the Snow Peak single-walled mug for their double-walled mug.